Fursuit Commissions and Quotes : closed


What do you need from me to make me a suit/partial?
-I will need a 30% Down Payment/deposit on your commission ( not refundable if you decide to end the commission)   and a Duck Tape Dummy either of your full body or whatever parts you're having made.
I will also need a pair of shoes to build your feet on. I prefer that you buy a pair of shoes yourself , that you are comfortable and fit you well.

How do I pay?
-Paypal and Bank transfer.
- I do prefer bank transfer as paypal takes a huge bite out of the transfer.
You can pay in full or in installments.
3-4 installments is preferred.

How long does it take to make a fullsuit / partial.
-It all depends on the complexity of the designs in my work queue, some things take longer then others.
From when I start your costume, it can take from 3  to 12 months to get it complete.
Things take time when I need to make things as molds and custom patterns, materials may take some time to arrive and health issues may delay things now and then.

Can you bring my costume to a convention.
Most likely no., Sorry .

Can you guarantee completion for a specific convention/event?
I no longer work with the pressure of convention deadlines.
Sorry. This has caused too much stress and made me sick in the past.

Do you accept rush orders?
no. absolutely not.

I really want my costume now! Can you bump me up in the queue?
no. That is a rude question.

 Do I need a reference sheet of my character?
-YES! :) There are many great artists that can make you a reference sheet.
The reference should have both front, back and preferably a side view of your character.

If you are unable to get someone to make you a ref sheet then I can  make you one for an additional fee.
This will require a good description of all the details of your character.

 How Can I be Sure the mask will fit me?
-I will make the mask as close to your head measurements as possible.
Since I do not have you here in person , you will most likely need to trim and adjust the foam inside the head for a perfect fit.

 Can I change my design?
-It depends. If your suit is already started and there are major changes, then no.
If your suit has not been started, then maybe.

Would you be interested in a Suit/Mask Trade?
Heads , yes/maybe,  :3

Fullsuit.- Depends.

Do you sell resin/foam bases alone?
-Only when i have one to spare, I do not make these on request.

 Can I ask you for w.i.p pictures?
I will only post w.i.p pictures when I feel comfortable with the item I'm working on, to many people do not understand the work process and may for example freak out when the head looks a bit off when its not finished. I do not want negative and distracting comments that may make me uncertain and unhappy with what I'm working on just because the customer does not understand why things look weird during the work process.

Can I send you lots of request for updates about my suit?
Please, do not.
I will contact you as soon as I have things ready to show you.
Continuously asking me for updates about your suit while I'm working on another project is extremely distracting. Please be patient and wait for your turn.

 Do you order parts from other makers ?
I make everything.

 Can I ask you how you make things?
I prefer not to share information that I have worked hard to obtain myself.
If you research and read up on things you will find everything you need on the internet.
It may take some time, but everything is there, just google it :)