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Photo taken by Loke snowpaw

Digitigrade vs plantigrade

-Digitigrade suits have padding so it seems like you are walking on your toes.
-Plantigrade suits have no padding, and you walk on your whole foot.

2D vs 3D eyes and seami realistic vs Toony

-2D eyes have no following effect, they look in the direction you turn your head.
-3D eyes have an optical illusion that makes it seem like you are always looking in the camera.
( no example of semi realistic 2D eyes yet)

Foam vs Resin base heads

Foam heads are completely made from foam, they are soft all the way through.
example of foam based head
example of foam based head

Resin base heads are made from a hard shell, they are not soft like the foam base heads.
example of resin base head
resin based, toony
resin base used for the two cat head above.

Toony padded plantigrade suit

semi digitigrade toony fullsuit

digitigrade toony fullsuit

resin base, toony

foam base, toony