Fursuit Commissions and Quotes : CLOSED next opening Feb/March 2019

Commission me?


The process
You wish to see your fursona come to life?
Here is a little guide on how you can make that dream come true.

Character concept and ref sheet
First you will need a proper ref sheet.
A ref sheet is a drawing or a 3D model showing your character from different angles.
It is important to have a most detailed ref sheet as possible. I can't read your mind, so the more detailed ref sheet, the less I  need to ask about different details about your character.The ref sheet needs to have a back and front view of your character and be full colored.
Pleas specify any desired facial expression, like- Sad, angry, cute, flirty etc.
You can also add a little text to explain the characters personality.

Send in a quote
when you have it all figured out and know what you want,  you can now send in a quote!
I will only answer quote requests that are sent in via this quote form ---> Quotes
When I receive your quote I can give you an estimate on how much it will cost to make your costume.
( Due to changes in currency and material costs the price of your suit may go up by the time I open up for commissions, quotes can change if they are older than 6 months. ( just keep this in mind :) )

Getting a quote from me does not mean you are automatically in my queue, the quote is just an estimate on how much your suit will cost to make.
To get in my queue you will need to submit an order when i open up for commissions.

I may have to decline certain characters due to different reasons.
If i see that your character is something I can't bring to life You will not receive a price from me.
I will give you the reason why, so that you can either change your design or request a quote for a different character.

When Commissions are open

Send in your order
If you have gotten a quote from me, you can send in your order when I open up for commissions.
pleas include your quote from me when submitting your order. :)

----more coming----
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When I start to make your suit I will need.

-Head measurements
The following image shows the measurements i will need.

- A Ducttape dummy*-
It's Important that the dummy has got feet and a neck, this is to prevent the
suit from getting to short, and to make sure there are no gaps.- Do NOT tighten the tape trying to alter and make your body a different shape, this will only make the suit saggy and to tight in the wrong places.
If your weight is due to change please make the DTD close to your costume start time.
If your weight has changed drastically and I have not started your costume yet, please notify me so that you can make a new dummy.

To make a dummy you will need
-A friend or two

-duct tape

-Paper Towels, to prevent the tape from sticking to your feet, neck and hands
-coveralls (pajamas or other old clothes) Do NOT use any stretchy material.

-permanent marker

A size is not a size. I do not want to buy a pair of shoes that may not fit your foot. So You will need to get a pair that sits comfortable on your foot.
It is important that the shoe you send me is NOT a high top.  this will make it close to impossible to get your foot into the shoe when it is finished.

Outline of your hand*

- Take a piece of paper and simply trace around your hand. Make sure to draw a bit up your wrist to.

Pleas do NOT constantly ask me for updates, this will only make me start to stress and make stupid quick solutions on your suit. When I start on your suit I will start communicating more and I will start putting up progress pictures on furaffinity and twitter.